Updated on september 1rst 2018


1.    Property :

Chooket and Your Cake Baker are business properties of  MAEVA LLC.
The legal mail address of the company is:
MAEVA LLC, 315 Meigs Road, Suite A154, Santa Barbara CA 93109 – USA


The business address of Chooket is:

CHOOKET, MESA SHOPPING CENTER, 2018 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93109 – USA.


2.    Regular opening days and hours – Closed days :

Store are open from Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm

Order pickup/delivery not before 10 am

We are closed on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays.

We are subject to close for vacation : please contact us to know vacation closing.


3.    Quote, Order and Payment Policy :

* Quote :

All price quotes are given by either paper quote form or via email signed by a legal representative of the company.

All quotes are valid for 1 month from the date of their establishment.

* Order confirmation :

To be considered as confirmed, order must be :

  • Paid with a deposit corresponding to minimum 50% of the total amount (under $250.00) for orders taken by phone or in store and pick up at store
  • Order to be delivery :
    • Paid in full minimum 3 business days before for orders under $250.00
    • Paid in full minimum 10 business days before for orders upper than $250.00
  • Paid with a minimum deposit of $ 100.00 for orders up to $ 250.00, and paid in full minimum 10 days before ready date.


Any deposit will be refund if the order is cancelled.

Any refund for order cancelled under 3 days before ready date.


4.    Order changes and cancellation policy :

Please order carefully, any deposit can’t be refunded.


* Change of order:

Please be aware that no refund will be possible for changes.

Changes to your order, size, description, flavor, ready date, ready time etc. will be accepted :

  • up to 7 days prior for orders up to $ 250.00 ;
  • up to 24 hours for orders down to $ 250.00.


These changes may be subject to additional charges and fees.

Any changes requested after the lock-out date will not be accepted.


* Order cancellation:

  • Orders cancelled at least 21 days in advance: 3% cancellation fee
  • Orders cancelled 20 and 10  days in advance: 25% cancellation fee
  • Orders cancelled less than 10 days in advance: NO REFUNDS of ANY PAYMENTS !


* Final payment for orders up to $250.00 :

The final date for full payment or any changes to the cake is 10 days before the event.

If payment in full is not received 10 days in advance of your event, your cake(s) will be considered cancelled and any payments made will NOT be refunded.

Your cake will not be baked, decorated, delivered or set up.

No refunds of this deposit can be done.


5.    Pick up and Delivery Policy :

* Pick-up at store :

Pick-up must be done only during the hours below :


From Tuesday to Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm.


If an order is not pick-up on time, it will be kept in refrigerator 24 hours and then discarted.

Any refund will be possible.


* Delivery policy :

  • A minimum of $ 45.00 (delivery fee not included) is required to be delivery.
  • Full payment is required prior to delivery on any order where delivery is requested.
  • Delivery appointment :
    • Please note that a full one-hour window is allowed for all deliveries. During this full hour, a person must remain present at the delivery point. An on-site phone number will be required when ordering to consider the order confirmed.
    • If the delivery is not possible because of impossible access (gate code, nobody here…), the delivery man will return to store location. The new delivery will be submit to extra charge ( look at “re-delivery”, below).


  • We are not responsible for any damage to your order after it has been safely delivered and set-up. Every effort will be made to deliver on time, however, delivery of your order may be delayed due to traffic, accidents, weather, acts of God, and other causes beyond our control.
  • We use Google Maps to verify the distance for all delivery addresses.


* Delivery fees :


A minimum of $ 45.00 (delivery fee not included) is required to be delivery.


* Delivery during business days and hours :

If round trip from the store location at 2018 Cliff Drive to delivery site is less than 35 miles:

  • $12 delivery fee will be added to all purchases under $250
  • FREE delivery on purchases greater than $250.


If round trip from the store to delivery site is greater than 35 miles:

  • Regular fee ($12.00) + $35 for first 10 miles over 35 miles + $10 per each additional 10 miles segment



* Sunday, monday and holidays delivery :

Sunday, Monday and Holiday delivery is subject to availability

If round trip from the store location at 2018 Cliff Drive to delivery site is less than 35 miles:

  • $35 delivery fee will be added to all purchases under $500
  • FREE delivery on purchases greater than $500


If round trip from the store location at 2018 Cliff Drive to delivery site is greater than 35 miles:

  • $35.00 + $35 + $10 per each additional 10 mile segment regardless of price


* Re-delivery :

In the event we are unable to deliver through no fault of our own, then a $35 re-delivery charge will apply + any applicable mileage charges. 


* Complex trip :

There are some delivery locations in the Santa Ynez Valley and Ventura County that require an extra charge due to their remoteness and very lengthy access. Please contact us.


* Set-up delivery :

We are not responsible for any damage to your order(s) after our delivery and setup is complete. The client is responsible for providing an appropriate size, level, and stable table with a cool and safe environment for the cake. We are not responsible for damage resulting from tables that are not level, or that are weak, too small, or placed in a warm area.




A pastry left in the sun is a disaster waiting to happen. Please keep in mind that there can be wind, rain, temperature, pets, bugs, or other situations, especially for outdoor deliveries that can harm or cause damage to your cake.


* Post delivery :

We are not responsible for damage to your cake if someone at your reception site moves your cake after it has been safely delivered and set-up. We photograph all our cakes upon completion of delivery.



* Fresh flowers usage :

If fresh flowers are requested, you acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may be toxic or contain toxins, pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. The responsibility of the flowers’ safety, freshness, color, and safe food practice will rest with the florist and not the company.


* Mixing Vendors :

Sorry, but we cannot accept your order if we know that you are buying just a small bridal party cake from CHOOKET and then intend to buy sheet cakes or other desserts from a warehouse club store or grocery store to serve your guests.


* Rental accessories :

All rented equipment or pillar sets must be returned to Chooket within five (5) days following the cake delivery date.  Late or damaged pieces will result in charges for replacement. Please wipe down all noticeable food or foreign material from the rented equipment. Do Not Wash.


* Customer supplied accessories :

Fabric ribbon and any other accessories that Chooket agrees to add to your cake must be brought into our store at least 1 week prior to your order ready date.


* Color :

All attempts will be carefully made to coordinate and/or match your colors, however, please be aware that food colors do not always perfectly match fabrics, flowers, table coverings, napkins, etc. Depending on the mediums used, colors can be slightly altered by ingredients (i.e. butter and white chocolate can cause slight variations). Food colors may also fade in bright light.


* Photographs :

We photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotional uses without compensation to you, or without your permission.


* Ingredients :

We use the finest quality ingredients in our bakery.


Our products may contain milk, wheat, nuts, and other allergens.


We are not responsible for any allergic reactions. If your guests have severe allergies, we suggest you choose another cake baker.



* Prices, retail prices, menus and policy changes :


All prices, retail prices, menus and policies subject to change without notice.


Thank you!

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Updated date : September, 1rst 2018 .

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