Find your traditional pastries and discover new French gourmet pastries

All our pastries and cakes are made on site in a traditional way.

Our cream puffs are made on site from fresh products. They consist of simple and natural ingredients and constitute a true delicacy. Each pastry can be accompanied by cream, whipped cream, or seasonal fruits. They are a French tradition known around the world for their fluffiness and their taste.

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Create your gourmet event

For each event you can order one of our pastries or create one that you love following the advice of our team.

For each event Chooket offers individual pastries or unique cakes that will make your party a gourmet event. Wedding cake, Birthday cake, Baby shower cupcakes, or Dessert Bar for company event…


Our History

Your Cake baker was founded by Wayne Kjar in 2010. During all these years, Wayne managed to create amazing cakes and pastries enjoyed all over the city. Your Cake Baker was named “Best Wedding Cake in Santa Barbara” by the Santa Barbara Independent in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Since December 2016, Karine and Matthieu are the new French owners of the bakery. They relocated from Provence in the South of France and wish to continue the famous cakes of Your Cake Baker as well as create new gourmet pastries from French recipes. As their first addition, they’ve designed the Chooket (our new name !).

The Chooket (“chouquette” in French) is a little puffed pastry baked with natural ingredients and can be eaten with different types of sweet cream.

The history of cream puffs has a royal origin. It is Italian pastry chef Popelini who created this fluffy pastry for Catherine de Medicis at the French Court in 1540. Since its origin this pastry has been a fluffy pastry garnished with cream, traditionally eaten in a single bite.


Croquembouche or pastry buffet

All our cream puffs can be made into a croquembouche or a pastry buffet.
Contact us for a special quote.

Delicious French pastries

Chooket makes delicious pastries every day.
To guarantee their availability we invite you to order online,
over the phone, or in shop
two days before your tasting.

Personalized flavors and decorations

You are unique, and your events are too.
We can customize the flavors, and decorations with a message, image, or logo.

We can also offer gluten-free.



We can deliver in Santa Barbara County all your orders following our sales policy