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About us

Chooket, Pâtisserie & Events is the kingdom of gourmets.
We are an artisan french-family bakery located in Santa Barbara. We offer you only fresh desserts and cakes made from traditional french recipes. We use only fresh produces and ingredients baked in our boutique.

We have imagined Chooket by our addiction for the french «chouquette» and the french «chou à la crème». The Chooket (“chouquette” in French) is a little puffed pastry baked with natural ingredients. You can eat natural ones (plain chouquette) or with different types of cream. It’s really a cute cream puff, smallest but addictive.

Our family arrived directly from Marseille in Provence, in the South of France in December 2016.
Matthieu studied during 7 years in a catering school and worked on gastronomic restaurants in Aix-en-Provence. He obtained too a sommelier diploma and practiced his wine passion in several famous wineries located in Provence.
Karine is a challenger! And a french architect. She studied architecture and design during 7 years in Marseille to obtain her diploma. She worked in different agencies and government organisations such an architect and maître d’oeuvre. Her passion for design and creation has also been applied to patisserie and cooking. She like to create new flavor combinations and designs to refresh the traditional french recipes.

We wished to continue the best of «Your Cake Baker», old and famous bakery in Santa Barbara for over 30 years. But we have designed too new gourmet treats like eclairs, cream puffs, tarts or french gateaux to share with you the best of our both nations.

Karine & Matthieu Hervouët


We can create desserts bar or custom cakes with french pastries, gateaux, party cakes. Consult our menus or contact us for special request.

We propose you catering services and special services for business, please contact us to discover ours services, special BtoB menu.

We propose you to discover our pastries during a tasting appointment at store. Take your appointment online now!


All our pastries and cakes are made on site in a traditional way.

Our cream puffs are made on site from fresh products. They consist of simple and natural ingredients and constitute a true delicacy. Each pastry can be accompanied by cream, whipped cream, or seasonal fruits. They are a French tradition known around the world for their fluffiness and their taste.

We deliver in SB County on Tuesday to Saturday with $12 extra for all orders over $45, ordered in shop online or in store. (Delivery on Sunday and Monday available with special fees please contact us by phone for this request)

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